New alpha internal test builds with the new async core ( fixing the skip binary bug ) are listed on

RT has moved again, and so the mail list is down again.

They have also released untested experimental builds (dated 30 July 2004 ) at


Rebol Technologies has published a vision for the future development of their product line


The FINAL-release of Serve-It!, a fast, reliable, coop-threading
server-engine featuring several HTTP & PROXY-server in one smart
progamm is available

or visit

XFT 0.1.6 ( xmlrpc file transfer ) was released today by Graham. This is the provisional name for a micro file sharing system based upon the xmlrpc libraries and async i/o.

I’d like to announce the first official public release of AGG-lite based
library for Rebol/View/Pro or Rebol/SDK. You can download the experimental
version(Windows only for now) for free from the following

looking forward to your comments!




The REBOL mailing list is still down since the outage on the 2nd June with their server running the list software.

“We are trying to find an alternative way to run our mailing list since our REBOL.NET hosting service has been unreliable lately and the contract is up next month. We will be restarting it as soon as possible.

-REBOL Support”

Your alternatives for support are: and download the AltME client, and log on to “Rebol” or “Rebol World” .. using userid: guest password: guest


A new tutorial, Firebird Walkthrough, appears on how to connect Rebol/command to the open source relational database Firebird. is now up so that AltMe worlds Rebol, and Rebol-view are now functional. IOS servers are also working, but the mailing list appears to be still down.


Rebol World

I’ve setup a Safeworld server as Rebol World while rebol and rebol-view both appear to be down ( whole of today ).

Log on as guest/guest and I’ll setup an account for you during my daylight hours ( I’m on GMT+12 ).

The Surfnet detective, a network profiling tool, has been released as GPL

An experimental linux setup is also available from

From Luke Emmet

“CitrusWeb is an experimental web application framework
for developing web sites and web applications. It aims to
be highly usable, even for novice users. It is written in
REBOL and is inspired by a number of other web based
applications, in particular Zope ( and
Vanilla (, and the Internet
architectural style of REST.

The most important aspect of CitrusWeb is that all day-to-
day content editing and configuration is controlled via a
web (browser) interface.”

For beta docs and download: